Windmill Windup : Skyd Recaps+All Pictures

written by Johan Bommie 18/06/2013
Windmill Windup : Skyd Recaps+All Pictures

Windmill Windup 2013 pic by Laurent Gauthier

(Picture above by Laurent Gauthier)
Windmill Windup 2013 has come to an end. And while lots of people may find difficulties adapting to normal everyday life with jobs and worries, the fond memories of a carnivalesk tournament like this one still puts a smile on everyone’s face.


Playing for Gentle Open (and reaching quarter finals) did make it impossible for myself to cover any of the event but luckily these guys were on a roll : Skyd Magazine was on the grounds for the second year in a row to provide quality coverage of this WW extravaganza and so they did. “At Home With Herbie”, an excellent article including interviews with Tournament Director Yves Groen and other volunteers, explains what the tourney is all about : the ultimate combination of competition and fun. “We want to make it something you will never forget, a once in a lifetime experience,” said TD Yves.
“It’s half festival, half Frisbee tournament,” says Windmill music organizer Snowy Dopheide. “Instead of massive stages with bands, you have Frisbee games.”

WW13 Ferris wheel tris


Picture above : Timothy the ferris wheel. Picture by Tris Verhoelst.

The tournament…

-started off with a Rise Up Ultimate camp and a Rise Up Conference,


-hosted over 1200 players in 3 divisions (open,women,mixed),
-had it’s very own ferris wheel going round and round for players’ enjoying,
-saw both semi finals and final in the open division go to universe point

-had a screening of Chasing Sarasota

-had a screening of the cult movie Pulp Fiction with a live band playing all the music in the film (unbelievable but yes!)

-had live comedy guests

-had a live graffiti jam

-had an amazingly big Mingle Mingle session

-had a funny beer race

-had DJ’s and live radio all weekend

-had a live Karaoke band to sing along with

-had a bonfire at night

-had a 3D printer live printing miniature elephants as team gifts

This list could go on and on as this Windmill Windup is just about as crazy as nothing you’ve ever seen before.
Skyd Editor-in-chief Elliot Trotter asked Jonathan Neely, author of this worth-a-read article on Windmill winding down, another question: “Why do we value tournaments like this?” This was JN’s answer : “As humans, we find value in our experiences by establishing a place among others. Ultimate gives us that: when we board planes or pack cars for road trips to tournaments, we become cutters, handlers, partiers, and teammates. We’re all very lucky to have found such a welcoming niche…. (some text left out) We all took part in the secret world we’re all in on…”

WW13 door Elgin Blankwater


Picture above by Elgin Blankwater : Sun sets over the Iggy tent at Windmill 2013.

To read all about the semi finals and finals check out this excellent piece written by Adam Restad :

LOGO - Skyd Mag


Skyd also shot a lot of video footage.

Here’s their day one recap presented by Five Ultimate :

And day two recap right here :

Read more from Skyd at their Windmill Windup Tournament Central :

Below we tried to collect all pictures that are already available. Check ’em out :

-OFFICIAL WW Pictures :

-More official pics by Marlies Doesburg :

-SKYD Magazine Pictures :

-Windmill Windup Facebook Pictures :

-René Westenberg Official Picture Gallery :
WW13 chiniya catch Rene Westenberg

Picture above by Rene Westenberg, figure out for yourself who caught the disc first 😉

-Martine Bootsma Official Picture Gallery :


-Leo Sonneveldt’s Facebook Pics Day 1 :
WW13 Leo

Picture above by Leo Sonneveldt. Lasse from Ragnarok winding up for a big huck against Heidees.

-Leo Sonneveldt’s Facebook Pics Day 2  :

WW13 Mubidisk


-Picture above by Pedro Vargas :

WW13 good lord-Picture above by Meryl Kusyk/Eduardo :

RAF CELIS HYLKE SCHNEIDER WW13Picture above by Raf Celis :  Hylke Snieder, unofficially voted MVP of the open final by many spectators, going up for a huuuuge defense for Chiniya Rada, the USA all star team including all Rise Up coaches.

LOGO - Windmill Windup

Pretty sure more pictures and videos will pop up later, but as usual Get Horizontal will bring you the best of the best to find. Keep on reading, and don’t wipe that smile off your face if you were part of WW2013.

To top it all off, a little report by the Dutch youth journal (in dutch off course) :

And now SHHHH, because Herbie’s gotta go back to sleep for another year :
Herbie Slaapt